Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Totally underestimated this next gen feature

                                      What I'm talking about is "sharing", something that was talked about in E3 and during the console reveal. I was in a frenzy for new games and innovations that could blow my mind during that time but I was gleefully being informed about what sharing is instead. Sure seamless Sharing was a convenience indeed but I couldn't really appreciate it with much enthusiasm. I got to realize how amazing this is when I saw a friend live stream his Killzone Shadowfall and Knack gameplay on twitch.tv while giving commentary. Moreover, I could even interact with him right while he was playing! (although it is limited to text). So kudos to the companies that saw potential and implemented it seamlessly. While gameplay videos aren't exactly a new realm to the average gamer, live streaming took it to the next level.

                                                Pay a visit to twitch.tv and you'll literally get to see people playing a game of your choice as we speak. Do note that Microsoft's Xbox One didn't get twitch streaming support yet (been craving for some Forza 5).

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