Thursday, 13 June 2013

The biggest announcement for me this E3 2013 was an EA game, seriously. E-freakin'-A.

This was the biggest E3 reveal for me this year and I have waited so long for this moment, so long that I feared it might not even appear. This was the E3 where EA revealed a new Mirror's Edge game along with an awesome teaser trailer! it overshadowed the whole DRM and no used game debacle in the console realm for me. My EA hate meter has dropped down quite a bit with this reveal as a result. Without further ado, here's the trailer for the game:
                 The trailer features a new terrific OST just as the original game, everyone who's seen the trailer are searching desperately for the name of that song. More info on the game being that it's a reboot rather than a sequel, which is something I'm okay with considering that the original game was not known for its story. One more piece of information about the game is that it's an open world - I'm glad about that but it's just that my perception of open world was kind of ruined by Ubisoft with their Assassin's Creed fanchise. I know that it's EA this time and it's completely different but still, I have nightmares about it being an open world, first person Assassin's Creed with lots to do but no motivation to do anything what so ever. Also the teaser ended with "coming... when it's ready" this is really great considering how EA usually rushes the game development process with their deadlines. Overall this is a very positive move by EA, so much that I'm almost not hating them anymore.

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