Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Life of Pi the aftermath

Everyday an endless battle goes through my mind, trying to prove creationism, the purpose of life and ultimately God. Everyone goes through something similar in their minds, I don't know how often but it is evident as a human being. To ignore such thoughts as meaningless would be an ignorance, abandoning all efforts to determine the true purpose of life is in all honesty pathetic. Rants aside, the ripple to silence the chaos in the sea of my mind was the Life of Pi.
                           The movie made a terrific metaphor between atheism and faith - Pi's incredibly adventurous survival in the pacific ocean sounded lively and unfathomable, it is a journey people refuse to believe even though it is true, we live in a world where proof is the fulcrum, the judge and the jury. People's questions won't digest irrational answers that was why Pi had to come up with a story though incidentally accurate subtle nuances made it more believable. By the end of it the movie questioned what story did you like the most? the first or the second. This is a question that eliminates rationality from the equation introducing an opinion and on this stance the first story takes the prize. Finally the film ends with the statement in response to the opinion "And so it goes with God". It took a moment but I managed to fathom the depth in that statement. Mind you the ending differs with perspective due to its depth. My perspective however was a creationist view in that the truth may be unbelievable or irrational but it ultimately is the truth. This really silenced the chaos in my mind, it may be temporary but it is not under appreciated.

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