Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Grand Theft Auto V - a rant and an adoration

About five years have passed since one of the greatest pc games was released - Grand Theft Auto IV; it's a name almost everyone who has done some pc gaming is synonymous with. Agreed that the game has a violent and considerably aggressive theme to it but one has to admit that the series have shown what a video game sandbox's potential is. As a result open world has become a feature endorsed and appreciated in video games to this day. GTA IV was special as is every other GTA game but it was different which by no means was a bad thing. It's different nature was criticized by hardcore fans of the series but that didn't stop any one from playing it or loving it. For starters it had improved visuals as per the "current gen" console hardware standards and simply put, it was amazing, memorable if not mind blowing. Apart from that, it had an improved combat system, a gripping story line and some terrific characters. Now, I will stop writing a miniature review of the game and get to the point which would be me adoring the amazing GTA V trailer 2 and some thoughts on the game
                         It seemed a little too early for a GTA V but then five years is a long time, also Max Payne 3, Red Dead Redemption and China town wars have been keeping me busy in the mean time. Now that the grand daddy of open world games is going to be here, it does deserve a moment in the lime light of my blog. First off, the trailer featured three new protagonists - Franklin, Trevor and Michael who happen to be as quirky and impressive as any GTA protagonist in the city of San Andreas, I hope nostalgia strikes hard when I surf around the city. The visual end again has shown considerable improvements with detailed facial animations and some noticeable improvements in the environment but more importantly the trailer has promised some explosive missions which was something that GTA IV lacked by a little but noticeable amount; I surely don't doubt Rockstar's performance and promises, not one bit. But what I long for in the upcoming iteration is not a 10 on 10 game but a proper PC port! I am forced to explicitly mention this because of GTA IV, it was more of a pain than a video game solely because they(Rockstar) failed to optimize it for PC properly. It really pains me to even think about the troubles I've had to go through just to make sure the game was playable. I finished the game but it could have been a lot more of a pleasant experience if it weren't for the poor job in optimization, I don't understand what Rockstar had done delaying the game for months and delaying it again for a month only to release a broken, troublesome game. As for GTA V Rockstar decided to do the unthinkable, forget about releasing a poor pc port, it decided to skip the platform entirely! rather they said they were contemplating about a pc and a Wii U port. Thinking/contemplating about what?! what in God's name is that supposed to mean? We're talking about a platform with which they actually make the game, they wouldn't be what they are today without it. Agreed that making a PC port is not as easy and convenient as a console but c'mon! we're not talking about just some developer, Rockstar is an experienced developer and publisher, it isn't as though games properly optimized for pc don't exist. They do, some do a marvelous job at it at that (Capcom, Square Enix, EA etc.). This is a long rant but a rant worth the lime light, Rockstar could've been on the top my favorite developers list if it weren't for the GTA IV PC disaster. Thanks to a petition signed by thousands of people, the PC port has been confirmed and will be out some time this year, all's well that ends well I guess.
                                    To wrap up this messy little post, I do believe that Rockstar can deliver but my only worry is about the game's PC port, I suppose that's enough said.

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