Saturday, 5 January 2013

A memoir to laugh over

After a quite a while I caught up with a couple of my friends, we've known each other ever since the first grade or the second grade I think. Well we were certainly not a notorious bunch but we've had our moments, most of which I have little memory of but one hilarious memory stands out from the rest, it would be only right that I share it. We, the three of us laugh over events of that day but this hilarity did not pertain to us on that day, rather we had this petulant form of anger in our faces and some regret. Well, regret mostly by the end of it.
                                                Right from the top, the names of my friends being Yashwanth and Abhishek; revealing their names would ease up my job. So just as any group of school friends would follow their ritual of having their lunch together so did we, we were very particular about it at that. It so happened that Abhishek did what was supposedly unthinkable, he was off having lunch with another group of people and he'd been doing it for days. Obviously we were getting pissed off over it, we knew he was going to have lunch with us again some day but we just didn't find his actions to be justified. We were planning on how his treatment should be the next time we meet up so I muttered "we ought to give him a tight slap the next time we meet up". What happened afterwards had me flabbergasted, Yashwanth had displayed the highest level of loyalty towards a friend by actually confronting Abhishek and hitting him the next minute I said it, in a matter of moments Abhishek began crying (we were 8 or 9 years old) and fearing the consequences, Yashwanth's loyalty towards me deflated instantaneously and I was speechless over his actions. In no time he began to blame me of Abhishek's predicament; there was hatred and blame ensuing from the entire class room. As if things weren't bad enough, the matter unfortunately had moved on to the teachers, our class teacher questioned Yashwanth on the authenticity of his loyalty asking "would you jump in a well if he asked you to?" to which he had no answer; it was an obvious response though. After sometime we somehow managed to recuperate the situation amongst ourselves and went back to being the friends we were. More than 10 years later we are head over heels about it but I wonder if Abhishek is holding a grudge against us, better watch my back!

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