Sunday, 30 December 2012

Dishonored impressions

Back in E3 2012 Dishonored's trailer showcased by Bethesda managed to get my attention with its gameplay style, fast paced and fun but I didn't place much faith in Bethesda's IPs considering how Brink turned out, it almost seemed like a hit or miss game. But much to my surprise, reviews turned out to be positive most of them giving it a superb 9.0/10, casting a wide smile on my face, what's more is that the game has a steampunk theme so it's all the more reason I had to check it out. Much later, I managed to acquire the game motivated by listening to praises, particularly about its narration and stealth implementation.
             So steampunk: the only other game that comes to my mind is Bioshock, my first moments in dishonored were quite reminiscent of the former as a result it didn't seem unique in its own accord. But then dual wielding weapons has been a real delight along with the melee combat mechanics. Apart from that the platforming elements of the game play a pivotal role in stealth, it is implemented in mirrors edge fashion which by no means is a bad thing. At the very beginning of the game, I was as brash as the game would allow me to be, brutally taking down anyone I see, the guards i.e. It was as bloody fun as it was messy. But as soon as I ended the mission, a gratifying experience turned into a guilty pleasure, in that the game had consequences for killing to an extent that it would even effect the story, not surprising at this day and age though. I get a chance to witness the number of killings I did, alarms raised and overall chaos caused through out the game at the end of every mission, it had become clear that killing is only an option. Funny how morality of life has become a part of videogames, a virtual, purely imaginative life. Employing stealth is nothing short of amazing either, in normal difficulty it won't be surprising to get past an entire mission with out having to kill a being or even remain undetected. I have played through a lot of missions making use of stealth but I hate to admit that most of the fun was in the killing/chaotic approach and I wouldn't mind replaying the game for that.
                                    Dishonored was designed using the unreal engine, it is showing its age but it has nonetheless been used to its full potential. If you're hoping get some eye candy of any sort, prepare to be disappointed, this was a little let down for me but it is hardly a bother for what the game offers, graphics is last on my check list.
                        It's another one of those games that make use of key aspects of various other games to produce something great if not better. As an added note I use the controller despite the game being in first person because it doesn't demand much precision and is noticeably more convenient than the keyboard and mouse.
Edit: While the controller worked well for stealth, when I wanted to raise the stakes and get into the game's fast paced action the controller wasn't the most ideal choice. The keyboard and mouse will help manifest the immense fun in the game's fast paced action to the fullest.

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