Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Life Update v2

It's been quite a while since I've posted around here but here goes, given that the post is titled Life Update, I've got a lot things in mind, most of them being good. First off, I've finally acquired an android smart phone - the SE Xperia Mini! It is pretty much the perfect package for those looking for a decent smart phone. And considering how my previous phone was (Moto Rokr E8) this is a huge upgrade and slightly overwhelming. Rest assured, smart phone is no misnomer, the device has been engineered having the user's convenience in mind in pretty much every possible predicament. Add an app store to it and it has attained "epic"status. On top of this, the phone also boasts an epic camera, a 5MP along with an LED flash and 720p recording woot! this means that my blog will no longer have any low quality pictures hanging around and hopefully I will be posting a couple of videos should the need arise. But enough about that, due to various reasons I've been compelled to step into the world of twitter after over an year of absence, my id is blurr_warun; do feel free follow me or just check out my updates. But unfortunately for me, all this chaotic happiness has to end now that my external exams are fast approaching (in a week) so don't expect any blog posts any time soon. I will be sure to post once my exams are up. 

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