Thursday, 4 October 2012

Sennheiser MX270 Review

Behold! my latest purchase - Sennheiser MX270; the most expensive piece of audio equipment I've bought in my life (790 Rupees) and they're just a pair of ear in head phones (ear buds)!

The Purchase
                                      I've had in mind to get a pair of head phones for listening to music and watching movies for a while and much recently I had the opportunity to spend a considerable sum for the same. Browsing through the myriad options most of them being the ear canal type which isn't a viable option since I find then to be rather uncomfortable, Sennheiser has particularly attracted me due to its reputation and all the good things I've heard of them, sure, it was expensive but I was willing to take the risk (in hope that I won't regret it). On the other hand Sony's "extra bass" label on its headphones was equally desirable, considering the fact that I'm a bass lover. However the weird design of the device made me apprehensive about my decision plus I was going more and more inquisitive of Sennheiser's devices despite the fact that its(priced exactly the same ) headphones had no mention of bass in its packaging. It was a gamble but I went ahead.

Design and Ergonomics
                                           Most of the first impressions took place in my bus ride back home, it was going to be a long journey, just about enough for me to try them out. The design was really appealing, a "Sennheiser" printed on both the ear bud speakers for one to flaunt. The cable was long enough - just about the right length. Not to mention, bundled along with it a pair of soft covers for good ergonomics which I really appreciate, there's also a cable slider to prevent keep the cables from getting tangled however, I am yet to find it a convenience. On the flip side, the quality of the cable has me worried; fortunately though, there has been no damage yet.

                                     Mounted onto my ear canal, the headphones provide little to no trouble when it comes to comfort, rocking my head to an intoxicating tune usually invokes a sense of insecurity that the grip might loosen but the head phones stick on to my ear like it's been glued. The headphones score well on this aspect suffice to say that you don't have to worry about comfort.

                                     Performance of a headphone seems like a misnomer but is nonetheless appropriate considering the assessment of the sound output will be entirely subjective. I've no experience in reviewing audio equipment of any sort but I will try my best to at-least give you an abstract idea of  its quality from the little audio equipment related terminology/information I'm aware of.
                                     I've tried to assess the device taking into account a low end/cheaper pair of head phones as a benchmark (here, bundled Nokia headphones; unfortunately I couldn't get my hands on something better), secondly I've checked the reviews and various claims of a particular headset (Sony MDR-ED12LP) priced exactly the same and finally I've listened to songs of various genre for a proper insight of the headphones. Going by genre - classical, pop, hiphop and electronica are simply a bliss in this device; the crisp and clear audio do justice to the price if you're dedicated to listening to these genre. Rock music on the other hand turns out to be above average/mediocre - soft rock being the exception (Coldplay, Kaiser Chiefs - Love's not a competition, Evanesence - My Immortal to name a few were simply enthralling). Pretty much any headphone cheaper than this can offer an equivalent or perhaps better sound output when it comes to rock so that is a huge letdown for me considering that most of my song library is cluttered with rock.
                                                        In comparison with a pair of stock Nokia headphones - they sure did provide a noticeable amount of difference in the sound quality but is that difference worth the money I paid? let's see. The most apparent attribute is the amplified output from the stock ones - I really appreciate it since my phone and my PSP lack that attribute in particular. Secondly, the audio manages to maintain the same quality despite the amplification, that's really admirable I must say. Next off, I hooked it on to my PC to watch some videos on youtube - Asura's Wrath teaser trailer is one video I've watched numerous times along with my previous head phones Philips SHE2550, an amazing video to experience some bass. Rather surprisingly the bass was really disappointing - it merely came in trickles. Another video worth watching is the teaser trailer for "The Last of Us", Naughty Dog's take on the zombie apocalypse; the video brought to light some of the surround sound the headphones manages to pull off which unlike the bass is quite impressive. While it does every rudimentary aspect right, the lack of bass is rather bothersome so, does that mean that I should've bought the Sony bass headphones instead of this? yes and no - what that device achieves in bass and overall quality it lacks in ergonomics, a lot of people have complained that the earphones slips out of their ears for the slightest of bobbing thus balancing the odds(?). 

                                    In conclusion, the 790 rupees price tag is really steep for what the device offers, one could pay maybe about 500 or 600 at most. If this headphone meets your criteria, look for cheaper alternatives since "value for money" isn't its greatest asset, the ergonomics may charm you but one deserves better for that price.                   

Overall Rating:

Note: I would like the readers to take into account that I personally find the ear canal type headphones really uncomfortable so that really cut down my options. Secondly, I've no experience in reviewing head phones so do correct/criticize me should the need arise. 


  1. Nice review there! Precise and to the point.

    1. thank you! that's very encouraging.