Friday, 31 August 2012

Team Fortress 2 - over the years

One, two, three - ah, yes, it has been about 4 years since I've bought the Orange Box and I seem to be stuck with one particular game a lot longer than the rest of them which as is obvious(by the title) Team Fortress 2. Now, this is a game that needs no introduction, a quintessential example of how Valve nurtures their games. This game has evolved exponentially in the 4 years I've fragged/dominated/impaled/blew-up/massacred random players in random servers. I have had some many memorable moments through out the years and I don't even recall a single moment of frustration when playing through the game. It was one of those very few shooters/games that relieved me of all my stress/pressure life gave me, it might seem like an overstatement but I am in-fact stating my experience.

aand counting!
                          One of the most compelling aspects of the game are the achievements, there are currently 446 achievements divided into a smorgasbord of categories and new ones keep coming up. I remember some of them felt outlandish and bizarre so much that they did seem impossible but surprisingly I've managed to pull them off. For instance I got a chance to use a lethal taunt to kill a guy who was AFK unlocking OMGWTFBBQ. That is just a taste of how crazy those achievements tend to be; then again they are also a good reason why I keep coming back to it, even if it requires me to download a gargantuan amount of data (which is 11gigs BTW).

I doubt any other game on the pc has such a sublime set of achievements

                                         What started off as a simple option to opt for an alternate weapon moved on to a collection of a smorgasbord of hats and other amusing accessories, this fashion of accessorizing your favorite class blazed even further in the guise of charity work for Japan's tsunami victims. Now it has pretty much turned into a business, Steam offers a workshop for users to create content for the game, the creations will be later assessed to determine whether or not it is good/appropriate enough to be up in the store. By store, I mean that you can actually sell the content and get 50% of the share however I'm not sure how exactly they're going to pay users, I'm guessing Paypal but I'm hoping we also have the option to get paid via the steam wallet for obvious reasons. I am also obligated to mention that the entire process of creating items is a lot more complicated than you think, you'll have to manually come up with a design/idea and create it using the 3D modelling tools, rather adventurous!
The game's tab offers constant updates for new and upcoming accessories/weapons
                                            Co-op mode is yet another addition to the game but it unfortunately isn't free but it really is intriguing - an all machine faction versus the various classes of TF2, almost like a left 4 dead spin-off of the game. I liked the idea of having to see your favorite classes going up against a horde of machines as opposed to people(blue/red team).

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