Thursday, 23 August 2012

Life Update v1.0.0

There were an awful lot of surprises and stuff to speak about through out this week but I don't know where to start off! Well, I suppose I should start off with something subtle, video games much? (though I don't know if you regard this as a subtle topic).
                                            It has been a grim week when it comes to playing some video games I will admit that. Firstly, it seems I've downloaded Portal off steam for no reason - I hardly seem to find the time to play it but I was actually hoping to wrap up the achievements and perhaps finish up the game again beating my previous record (which was 2 hours BTW). On the other hand the rest of the games on Steam namely Team Fortress 2 (the classic team based multiplayer) and Dota 2 (I won this one in a number guessing game; not kidding) have been hogging my bandwidth in the name of updates? while I do admire steam's properly executed DRM, come on! I wish they were optional, it isn't like I am being bothered about every single bug in the game.

                                                              Oh and there is a game that isn't on steam and installed in my HDD - NFS Shift, a really terrific simulator, so good that it can be thought of being a proper substitute to Gran Turismo for the PC/360. I've been playing this primarily because of my spanking new controller the Logitech Gamepad F510! I'll have to admit that it isn't the best controller for racing and gaming in general but it does the job fine. It has some inconsistencies regarding the dead zone of the joystick, it becomes bothersome when playing simulators and racers in particular which is adjustable provided that the game features options like adjusting the dead zone and sensitivity of the buttons, triggers and the joysticks. Luckily Shift had this option and it sure was a life saver! considering that I bought the controller for racers in the first place.
                              It seems that I've gotten carried away! never mind though, what's the whole point in having your own personal blog if you don't exercise the freedom! That is all for this post I will blog/blaspheme later regarding the rest of the stuff.

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