Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Batman Marathon

I'm not really a huge fan of comic books, not ones that revolve around a single plot at-least but I did have a good collection of tinkle comics (which happens to have a smorgasbord of stories of various genres and lengths ) but I've been a huge fan of Batman thanks to the cartoon that used to air in Cartoon Network (all the way back in early 2000) later on came across Batman of the future(a.k.a. Batman Beyond) which took me(and I'll bet many others) in by surprise over its cyber punk theme. That aside, Batman however did not manage to make an impression on other media(movies and video games) but then came an era of men who are actually serious about making something watchable/playable - Enter Batman Arkham Asylum and Arkham City(courtesy: Rocksteady) in the video game realm along with The Dark Knight(courtesy: Christopher Nolan) trilogy in movies.
             Bat-maniac has never seemed more appropriate
                                   Arkham Asylum had no proper backdrop about the caped crusader and his adversaries but even the slightest bit of acquaintance with the franchise would suffice. The game featured a typical comic book themed story which does the job of keeping the players engaged but the real star of the show was our entire experience in Arkham Asylum along with the gameplay elements and the extras. Arkham City was an amplified version of AA boasting a better story line, a lot more extras (courtesy: The Riddler) and of course a whole bunch of easter eggs ( which are really worth looking into). I intend to write a detailed review on this game some time later.
                                                        As far as the movies are concerned they were nothing short of phenomenal, Christopher Nolan has undeniably done a commendable job over the trilogy. I however am yet to see the third in the series (The Dark Knight Rises) but do intend to watch it when ever possible. Batman Begins marked the beginning of the series was pretty straight forward in terms of its pacing and plot while The Dark Knight was aimed towards a relatively more intellectual audience along with some brilliant pacing.
                                            Batman as a result has been the most successful super hero franchise with a large fan base and as stated earlier some terrific media content; it has also acclaimed the title of being the highest rated super hero video game on meta-critic. I would also like to shed some light on two more brilliant movies based on the Batman franchise namely, Batman Under the Red Hood and Batman Gotham Knight. The former is a tale about Robin's relationship with Batman and his life in general while the latter is a collection of some enthralling short stories on the caped crusader's experiences and various conceptions regarding him. And by the way, they happen to be animated - the former features a classic Cartoon Network style animation and the latter (ironically) sports an anime styled artwork.

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