Friday, 11 May 2012

Deus Ex Human Revolution Impressions

I knew that Deus Ex HR was going to be an awesome game but I was patient enough to actually play it after almost an year since its release date, one of the reasons being the fact that I bought a new GPU (Radeon HD 6670 1GB GDDR5) in the first week of January  - what a great way to start the year huh? So, ~4 months later I start playing the game via my brother's steam account. As I started playing, I was introduced to some corporate men planning on something big and after that short cut scene, I step into the protagonist's shoes - Adam Jenson Ex-cop and Sarif Industries Chief of Security, that sounded so good, as though I were actually given the job( yea, right), so I put on my "I'm serious about my job" glasses and played through the game. Due to some unforeseen turn of events (which I'm not going to reveal since I'm really not interested to elaborate the situation, you'll thank me once you've played the game), our lead guy gets beaten up real bad and shot in the head; now obviously, the game doesn't hire itself a new protagonist, instead the corporation we work for saves Jensen making use of some military level augmentations (artificial enhancements, limbs etc.) and this is where the actual game begins! A worthy mention would be the opening cinematic of the game which portrays the whole situation during the operation along with a terrific background score, presentation and of course credits. Liked it so much that I downloaded it off  Youtube, kept a copy of it in my phone (imagine that). In fact I'll post here as well, worth a look regardless of whether or not you're planning on playing the game.
So Jensen gets called up to his job only six months post that operation despite being due on his recovery for a considerable amount of time. However that was the least of Sarif Industries CEO David Sarif's problems, his company was in jeopardy post those incidents (aka unforeseen turn of events); most importantly, during that very day they were on a break through on something big regarding augmentation, thanks to Megan Reed their top researcher who was killed. The game was very invigorating from this point on, I thoroughly enjoyed the game, still am; since this is just a first impression I don't want to speak any further than that. The first 30 minutes are enough to make you wanting for more, if you're one of the folk who claim FPS gives me nausea? I'm sorry to say that you're going to have a hard time, I do suffer from that condition too but its not really serious, it does appear under certain conditions.

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