Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Resuming programmer life

Been 3 months since I've finished the python tutorial and believe it or not I haven't done much ever since! I tried my hand at Pygame of course but I lost my enthusiasm for various reasons, subsequently I pretty much gave a halt to coding. I went as far as removing notepad++ from the quick launch bar but it occurred to me as a wrong thing to do and so I've thought about just solving various problems/writing simple programs on Python rather than ranting over pygame's inability to make side-scrollers; that should help me grasp the uses of various modules, be introduced to newer modules and their functions.
                                     And in my exploits over python(prior to me finishing the tutorial), I've managed to come across Project Euler, this website provides numerous problems for one to tackle over any programming language, it also has toll of the number of people who've managed to solve a particular problem. I've started off with the first one yesterday and considering the number of people who've managed to solve it, it wasn't much of a hassle, I'll be resuming with the second one today.

Hope the link might come in handy!

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