Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My monotonous stream of life drifting away?

                                                   Been an odd set of weeks for me - as if recovering from the horrors of being catheterized wasn't long and painful enough, I am due on a lot of assignments; assignments I haven't even the slightest of enthusiasm to finish up! and the fact that I have my mid terms next week makes it no different that being wept away by that hurricane Irene everyone's talking about.
                                                              But thank God! I've managed to get two days of holidays which will most probably be wasted with me reading Python or doing some practical electronics. However, there is one other task I have been forced to take up, a rather daunting one at that - I am supposed to give a speech this Saturday! for the freshers day orientation and I assure you, I do not possess the appropriate personality or speech skills for this task but it has become inevitable for me. The whole point of the speech is to praise and share my one year of experience in the college but I'd hate to bluff about my college so I'll have to try my best to keep it as honest as possible.

I guess my motto should be "Plan for the worst and hope for the best" for this Saturday.


  1. well,yu've done it upto the mark..

  2. Well thanks!
    Although I will admit, I was really nervous.