Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Battlefield 3 Caspian Border gameplay - Gamescom

                                   This footage is from Gamescom - an annual event, which, as the name implies, focuses on showcasing much awaited titles and new IPs simultaneously acting as a platform for new developers all over the world - the entire event takes place in Germany.
                                              Moving on to discussing the epic-ness of the video, I personally wasn't much of a fan of the battlefield series, though I do happen to own a copy of Battlefield 2 - I didn't pay much attention to it due to the fact that it was a multi-player only game but I've heard that even in such dreary days where in a typical FPS single player campaign spans no longer than 6 hours, Battlefield 3 arises with gorgeous visuals which mere mortal eyes can't comprehend while boasting a 12 hour single player campaign which as stated by DICE was meant to attract more fans to the series. Now, Battlefield games are famous for providing a playground for players along with various vehicles and equipment (depending on the class), leaving the player the choice to approach the enemy thus giving you unique experience unlike any standard team death-match you've played. Hopefully the so called 12 hour single player will live up to the standards of Bad Company 2 (at-least).

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