Thursday, 21 July 2011

So very Delicious!

For more than an year I've never managed use a single PC consistently for more than 6 months (at-least), and so I've always been losing my bookmarks over and over again. It isn't easy getting my hands on them - I had to memorize the names of some of the sites, re-enter them in the new PC and bookmark them again! as if it weren't enough that I had to do it once but once every few months? its a bother.
                                              It was then that a thought occurred, how about I save all my bookmarks to an online database, I could avoid a lot of hassle that way. Now, I had no idea "Delicious" offered such services back then - not that I haven't heard of it, I assumed it was just another social networking site. Again, just as I discovered Python, I found out about delicious while I was browsing through "google bookmarks" page - curious (again) I went ahead and found my self in a dream-come-true situation. The site offered everything I ever wanted - a firefox add-on, sharing options and of course an online database for storing my bookmarks. I could even organize the book marks by placing appropriate tags basing on what the bookmarks are about. Its a terrific service but if only I had found out about it earlier.
                                   Here's the link -  Delicious

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