Thursday, 7 July 2011


I have been a fan of pokemon when I was young but that frenzy dissipated after a few years primarily due to my fear of being addicted to the series and the fact that I became a fan of their cheap plastic toys. I didn't want the whole thing to repeat so I kept away from anything pokemon and pokemon video games in particular. Until recently I've been hearing a lot of good things about their games and a lot of people( I know) were either playing or have played through the game. I was hesitant at first but I decided to check out at-least one of the myriad of titles.
                                      I had no gameboy or any nintendo console but hey, there is the internet - emulators come to the rescue! I chose the "gpsp" emulator by kai for the PSP. All of the controls have been appropriately mapped for the PSP making sure your experience is no different than on a GBA. And getting the ROM was the easy part (courtesy google). And so I've begun playing - There was the usual RPG style introduction asking the details of the player and after a short cut-scene I've officially become a pokemon trainer! you get to choose one out of three pokemon right at the beginning which will stay with you for the rest of your journey, there was - Mudkip (water), Treeko (grass) and Torchick(fire). I was expecting pokemon from the 1st generation (squirtle, bulbasaur etc.) but what I faced was disappointment. I had to choose something so I picked Mudkip. From that point on, the game is very addictive, fun and gave me the very invigorating feeling I had (or at-least wanted to have) years ago. My job from that point on was to catch and train as much pokemon as possible and simultaneously making sure I win every challenge/battle I face.
                                                          I don't want to burst your bubble but you're about to die.
                                     The game being an RPG, particularly Japanese, required the players to grind their pokemon to get stronger and possibly evolve. It can be tiresome but everyone's got their technique or methods to get stronger. I adopted the very methods I used in Final Fantasy XII (which was my very first JRPG); the principle is forming a chain, in other words a cycle of evolution (pun unintended), here's a step by step explanation of my method -
1. Choose a particular set/party of pokemon; the game lets you use six pokemon at once and the rest go to a storage system so choose 6 pokemon.
2.Now set a priority, meaning create an order about which pokemon must grind first and which later.
3.Starting off with the first start grinding the pokemon at an ideal location - where pokemon are easy to defeat (with some simple strategy) and give you a lot of exp at the same time.
4.Once the first pokemon has grown stronger by one or two levels, start off grinding with the next pokemon. Repeat the same procedure until all of your party has reached an impressive level (impressive doesn't necessarily mean a 90 or a 100, just about enough for all of your pokemon to defeat the gym leaders at that point of the game with ease).
                                              I did the same thing when I was going to get my 5th badge - I grew impatient in the procedure myself but the result was sweet. I have acquired my 7th badge and I didn't find the need to grind since then! most of the grinding took place when I was dealing with random pokemon trainers, gym leaders and of course, you are bound to meet a bunch of wild pokemon when moving around through the sea or grass; all of that while I was just playing through the main quest.
However, the fact is that anyone is bound to have more than just 6 favorite/strong pokemon so changing the party means, going through the entire procedure all over again. Its a different story in case of any other JRPG where your party is limited.
                                Oh and there is this little huge side quest to fill up the pokedex, in other words, catch every pokemon out there. I've only managed to catch about 44 out of a 200-something because I didn't have the intention to finish or start off this quest partly because I have OCD and I can't bear the thought that I have loads of other unused pokemon in my storage system and partly because I've been heavily influenced by the protagonist of the anime (the loser ash ketchum) who is always successful in missing out golden opportunities for the sake of moral and ethical satisfaction. But ever since I came across May's(video game character) challenge, I pledged on defeating her as I have during my battles with her.
                                          This is probably my longest update in the blog, thank you very much for going through all that.
Update: I missed my opportunity to catch Groudon,  a legendary pokemon that appears just once through out the entire game - bah!
"gotta catch 'em all" challenge == fail!

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