Friday, 8 July 2011

Angry Birds (on chrome)

Every single person on the planet who happens to browse the internet or own an android/iPhone is bound to have heard of the ingenious bird slinging, pig killing and destructive "Angry Birds" - I'll have you know I absolutely adore touch sensitive devices (maybe because I've got small, skinny fingers) but I do not own any touch sensitive device so playing angry birds was far from reality.

                                             It was until the day I read Angry Birds was free on chrome that I went ahead and started playing it. I'm guessing the mouse controls are fairly different from touch sensitive controls but that didn't make the game any less fun. As you might've known, the objective is simple - kill all pigs by slinging birds towards structures made out of various materials. It starts off simple by directly slinging the birds towards the pigs but eventually it gets complicated when you'll have to precisely set the right trajectory so it hits the clumsy part of the structure resulting in a destructive tumble killing all of the pigs. The fun part of the game here is watching the physics unfold utterly demolishing the delicate structures of the level.

In order to destroy the certain materials of the level you need tougher birds, tougher meaning a bird which multiplies into three more birds, which blows up, which glides faster and which drops an egg grenade; all with the press of a button.

                      It took me a while but I managed to get through all the 63 levels of the game, then there are special levels for every holiday and chrome feature some extra levels if you've managed to acquire the chrome insignia while playing through the game. Angry birds is a fun game, it was addictive but thankfully I was playing it during my vacation. I don't know if the touch sensitive controls are way better than the mouse but they do deserve an applaud.

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