Thursday, 28 April 2011

My first attempt on overclocking

No I haven't overclocked my processor, I overclocked my Video card (9500gt).
A few weeks ago, my brother spoke about how he managed to OC his video card (HD 4670). He made use of a tool he got along with his drivers.
            On hearing that, I  set sail to the vast ocean of the inter-webs to find a decent overclocking guide. Yes, I did find one on bit-tech
                    It is actually as simple as adjusting the core/shader/memory clock to a preferred value , really. Even before the actual process involved in overclocking was explained, I was informed as to why one is able to overclock their graphics card.You'll find more details in the link below.
          How to overclock your graphics card
                                I've made use of MSI After-burner as suggested by the guide, it worked well and good for my card (although it wasn't very effective).Okay, now moving over to the benchmarks - Somehow, my brother managed to get some impressive fps, ~25fps more than what his default clocks offered. In my case however, it wasn't really impressive, only about ~11-12fps - that really had me disappointed. On the other hand, he OC'ed on Windows 7 32-bit while I OC'ed on Windows XP 32-bit.

Factory Clock:
Core Clock: 550Hz
Shader Clock: 1375Hz
Memory Clock: 400Hz

After OC:
Core Clock:700Hz
Shader Clock: 1510Hz
Memory Clock: 450Hz

                   Despite the increasing the clock speeds so drastically, only ~12fps increase had me disappointed. I'll re-run the tests on Windows 7(If I ever upgrade someday). Finally, the temps rose up to a maximum of 61 degrees but it was only for a moment, I always have the cabinet opened which helped me maintain the temperature at around 55degrees for most of the time, MSI Afterburner also gave us the liberty to set the fan speed to our convenience.
                        I repeat, this is my first attempt on overclocking, I might have written something stupid/noobish here and there but hopefully, in the mere future, I'll learn more about overclocking and hardware maintenance.
 Update: Turns out, those temperature are perfectly normal, perhaps they're actually really cool.

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